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Current Testimonials from the 2023-2024 Academic Year

Leo O., Third-Year Teacher

I keep returning to Thidamaepra School year after year, because the atmosphere is so amazing - both physically and socially. The campus is beautiful and modern. The offices and classrooms have A/C. The free lunch is great, but also complemented well by food choices surrounding the school. The foreign and Thai teachers are consistently caring. The students are kind, respectful, and fun. This perfect storm keeps me making the 30 km commute daily for the past three years!

Dave S., Third-Year Teacher

Working at Thidamaepra has given me the opportunity to work at a fun job and get to know many interesting people. Teaching English is the most enjoyable job I have had and I actually look forward to work. Also, Suratthani is a great place to live. There is so much to see around Southern Thailand and Suratthani is not far from all of the best spots.

Detti K., Second-Year Teacher

Thidamaepra is the ideal school for teachers who want to grow and improve. 

My Prathom 3 class is great and this year I enjoy being a homeroom teacher more than before. The assistance of the Thai co-teachers in the classroom makes work easier and it is much appreciated. At Thida, you can follow your own tailored teaching strategy, which is a big advantage. Working here is challenging and fun at the same time. There are several school events and activities throughout the semester so there is never a boring day!

Michael D., First-Year Teacher

The staff and students at Thida school have welcomed me very warmly, ever since I started work last month. There is a nice mix of experience and enthusiasm among the staff, with lots of kind advice and tips readily available for new teachers. The management have made every effort to be understanding and helpful while settling me in to my new role, as well as telling me about the town we live in, where to go for food and places to travel to nearby. So far, my experience with Super English has been a very positive one, and with every new challenge I have faced I have received help and support.

Craig Savageau, First-Year Teacher

Teaching at Thidamaepra School has been a very positive experience. The Thai teaching staff are incredibly helpful and always willing to assist during class. The bond created between staff and teachers ensures a well-balanced classroom environment. Each day in the classroom brings new levels of joy as my students are always greeting me with smiles and an inquisitive interest in all things around them. My fifth-grade students really shine best when I sprinkle in a few educational games to balance their curriculum.  

Shoma A., First-Year Teacher

Thidamaepra School is a place where our students can shine. The MEP program has demonstrated a special blend of highlights and growth from my pair of K3 classes. Having the opportunity to work at Thidamaepra has been such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere! My Thai co-teachers and I always share ideas and strive to work together when needed, it's great teamwork which I am thankful for. In my K3 classes, we believe work to create a magical place where dreams begin to grow!

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