Matthew Phillips, Head Teacher

Working at Thida has taught me how to be an effective leader, a better communicator, and a versatile teacher. If you are thinking about teaching in Thailand, there is no better place to teach than at Thidamaepra!


Evie Basterfield, Prathom 5 Teacher

Living in Surat and working at Thida has been a great experience. I have loved working so closely with one class as it has allowed me to get to know and understand each student. Teaching MEP allows you to have more creative freedom within the classroom- the classes are fun, fast paced and versatile which makes teaching at Thida enjoyable and rewarding.


Thomas Pernecker, Prathom 6 Teacher

Teaching at Thidamaepra for the last five years through Super English has allowed me to take great strides as a teacher. At Thida all SE teachers are encouraged to run their classroom as they see fit. Resources, and assistance are at the fingertips, however you are the CEO of your class. I couldn't ask for a better fit! 

Alba Arroyes, Prathom 3 Teacher

Thida has been my first teaching experience and it's been a wonderful challenge! My Thai teachers and coworkers have been so helpful with resources and ideas. It is just amazing to see the kids grow and learn!

Johanna Rubio, Prathom 1 Teacher

This is my first time working as an ESL teacher and I think this school is a great option for a first start! What I enjoy the most is being able to plan and create my own classes according to the needs of each group. I really enjoy being able to create a team with my co-teachers.

Lucie Jaquet, Prathom 2 Teacher

Teaching at Thida has been my best work experience so far! The work environment has been amazing around my kids and my colleagues! Every day is a different day, full of creative and fun activities. I look forward to being a Super English Teacher for a second year !