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Testimonials from the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Annisha A., Prathom 1

"Working with P1 students at Thida has helped me to become a creative teacher, and my time here has left me with valuable skills. As a teacher with Super English I set the pace, and in the classroom, I have the creative freedom and support needed to guide my students in a nurturing environment. So far, I’ve had a great experience and my time here in Thailand and at Thida is one I’ll never forget."

Dave S., Prathom 1

"Working with such bright students in my two years at Thida has been a joy.  The students always respond well when I challenge them with new lessons and it has been very rewarding to see them develop."

Elizabeth C., Prathom 2

“This is my first year at Thida, and it has been a great experience. My MEP classes can go in depth and my IEP classes have so much fun with the games we play. The setting is beautiful, with flowers all around the school. And my co-teachers are truly helpful and kind. It’s a fun school with lovely grounds and sweet students.”

Detti K., Prathom 3

"Thidamaepra is a great place to work. The school and Super English provide a positive work environment where teachers can increase their teaching productivity and efficiency. One of the main advantages of Thida is flexibility. You can bring out the best in your students by following your own teaching strategies."

Danny P., Prathom 4

"After teaching for 19 years in Thailand I already know I made the right choice to join the SE team. The flexibility of being able to design your own lessons based on the curriculum has made my lessons far more enjoyable for both myself and the students."

Walker M., Prathom 5

“As a first time teacher, Thida and SE have given me the opportunity to rapidly learn best practices while developing my own style. My P5 students in MEP are wonderful to teach because I can talk to them in normal English and really feel they are learning and improving their speech, while my IEP students in P2 are a blast because we get to learn while having fun. In both cases, my coteachers are an enormous help in bridging the divide between my Thai language skills and new concepts in English that require complex explanations.”

Conor M., Prathom 6

“Thida has been an important time for me. I’ve learned so much about Thai life and culture and how much of an effect a good teacher can have on a student, no matter where they are from.”

Ben W., Anuban 3

"Upon approaching the end of my second year working for Super English, at Thidamaepra school, I am eager and optimistic to continue teaching in the next school year. I am optimistic because I have found the staff at Super English and Thidamaepra to be friendly and supportive, be it my co-teachers in the classroom or colleagues at the school. I also appreciate the freedom to approach the curriculum how I see fit and execute classes in my own way. Even through a very difficult time period with the pandemic, I have felt confident teaching my classes, whether they be online, hybrid, or in-person classes, because of a well-structured English program. I look forward to continuing to work for Super English in the foreseeable future."

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